The sales and technical support department manages all aspects of the visit and pre-sale steps by collecting background data, assessing customer needs, project development and providing technical and financial proposals.


Klevers Aryana, together with the customer, solves the problems that require heat reduction, energy storage and optimal insulation design. The up-to-date technology of designing and solving problems along with deep knowledge of the goods and materials provides the possibility of providing a reliable and effective solution in the shortest time.


The key part of any system is its employees. Professional, trained and motivated employees of Klevers Aryana are proud and eager to be in this dynamic group and are working hard to achieve the goals of this business.


In Klevers Aryana factory, located in Hashtgerd, extensive production takes place, and with system planning and management, all requests and shipments are carried out in the best way. Klevers Aryana factory provides all considerations to maintain the safety and health of employees.

Post Sales:

We provide on-site support with the help of our expert personnel. Daily activities of installation, support and monitoring are done to satisfy the respected customer. All our pre-sent products have been tracked and we are trying to preserve and maintain them at the place of implementation.


Research and Development:

Our research and development department are made up of skilled, experienced and motivated personnel who are focused on innovation and continuous improvement so that the system can move in line with the customer's needs.


The ultimate goal of Klevers Aryana products is to help as much as possible to the stability of the country's energy resources, reduce the loss of energy and maintain work and profits. We exist so that energy remains for our children.

Having an active charity, the management of Klevers Aryana always spend a part of their profits to make a better life for their fellows. They are trying to help more people live in the well-being and health that they deserve.