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Gas and steam turbines thermal jacket insulation

Thermal flexible jacket insulation are used for different types of Gas and Steam turbines as surface insulation which are designed especially for each type of turbine.
Moreover, used material for exterior of turbine jacket insulation is determined according to environmental conditions and its placement.
In this regards, for insulation installing on the turbine body and connecting pads together, according to the original design of Siemens V94.2 gas turbines manufacturer, the wire and hook way is used.
All the flexible insulation pads are connected together with wire and hook system, based on original design confirmed by famous turbine manufacturers like siemens, for the different types GT V94.2.

Thermal gas and steam turbines belt fastening insulation

In this way insulations are connected to each other through belt velcor system, which is another effective way of insulation system design for gas and steam turbines.

Combined Thermal insulation

In this type of insulation according to turbine condition and client demand, insulations are designed and produced. Which one of these item are steam turbines combined cycle units. Different insulation components, as insulation is used for combined cycles.
In this combined insulation, spray insulation products, jacket insulation and also insulations with metal cover (cladding) are used in a systematic way.


In this type of insulation, metal covers such as Aluminum or Galvanize steel is used on the bulk insulation materials.
This type of insulation is practical and effective for turbines, flanges and valves.

Fire proof/thermal jacket valve insulation

According to the wide usage of valves and flanges and due to periodic checks service and maintenance required for equipment, it is necessary to open and close the insulation in each visit. In this regards flexible jacket insulation could be appropriate choice due to an easy opening and closing possibility of insulation and easy openable fastening system that makes it efficient.

Expansion Joint

Between connecting ducts, flanges, with flow of hot air gases flexible textile joints is used These textiles joints should support vertical and horizontal movements. Flexible expansion joints design,used fabrics and appropriate insulation material has to stand in perfect condition. Klevers Aryana has the capability through collaboration with companies like Series in France to design and manufacture different effective range of expansion joint for application in industries like oil & gas, cement and steel.

Spring joint

Spring joint is a spring expansion joint which is installed on output coils of petrochemical olefin units or where flexible movement with hot air flow is needed.

Welding blankets

Welding blanket is practical to protect equipment against welding sparkles or molten spray.

Fire blanket

Fire blanket is an appropriate alternative as fire extinguisher.
The advantages of this product are as below:

  • Reusable
  • No need to recharge or replace, in the year.
  • Easy to use and requires no training.
  • Personal use and friendly use for home, inside vehicle and very handy.
  • Coated lumination

other Products

Other products such as fire-proof clothing and fire-proof glove can be noted.
In the fire-proof clothing usually Aluminum covers is use for thermal reflection.
Operators which are close to the oven can use fire-proof covers to prevent burns from splashing molten material.
A variety of product is made by Klevers-Aryana from different
non-flammable glass textile fabric in order to answer specific needs of industry in a safe way.
Fire proof clothing,fire proof sheets cloth is used in Aluminum steel industry as protection cloth with thermal reflection capabilities which are just some examples of our clothing products.