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Products,raw material

1- Fire resistance fabric :

Geraman Klevers(’s fire resistance fabrics have different thermal resistance from 500 to 1250°c which has variations in texture and different coating for a range of application in industries.

2- Fire–resistant glass fiber mesh :

Fire – resistant glass fiber mesh in order to prevent the transmition of unhelpful / useless aluminum inclusions on the route of molten aluminum thermal resistance of this product is 700°c and it is practical while pouring is in progress

3- Klevomat blanket :

This blanket is wildly use as insulation material it has higher thermal and mechanical resistance compared to Rockwool and other insulation materials. More over Needledmat has moisture resistance and has resistance to corrosion. In addition this product has acoustic absorption properties and it is used as a acoustic insulation. Klevomat will be appropriate alternative for Rockwool , which is used as a pipe lines insulation and for other hot equipment insulation with long durability.

4- Cerablanket :

Is the known and widely used material in various industries. Cerablanket is thermal resistance with range between 1260 -1430 °c ,density of 128 kg/m3

5- Packing and gaskets :

Gasket is used as a sealing and it is located between flange connections which are under the weather or water pressure in order to prevent the leakage. Packing are kinds of gaskets which are widely used in industries such as oil ../petrochemical food / paper / pharmaceutical industries. Materials such as PTFE/glass fiber , Kevlar fiber yarn and graphite is used in packing products.

6- Supply and implementation of restorative coating and corrosion protection of pipelines :

In the most of the petrochemicals and power plants because of the environment conditions some transmission fluid, internal and external corrosion happens. The impact of corrosion is very high due to the possibility of shut down of total production and also serious hazard of leakage in corroded areas, Klevers Aryana through it’s expert team and well known materials has reputable experience in repair projects specially in petrochemical companies.


All the material and raw material of Klevers Aryana Company are used from famous European companies and have no danger for user and user health. Moreover all materials has international certificates.