Raw Materials

Klevers Aryana is active in Iran as an exclusive representative of Germany's Klevers company in providing refractory fabrics and textiles, and in providing anti-corrosion coating as exclusive representative of Resimac brand in Iran. The wide range of these products provides the possibility of unique selection and design based on the specified characteristics of each project.

1- Refractory fabrics

These fabrics are generally made of fiberglass and can be used for various applications due to their high temperature tolerance.

Fiberglass fabrics reinforced with ceramic fiber, silica, stainless steel wire, etc.

-         Temperature tolerance from 500 ℃ to 1260 ℃

-         Variety in texture, strength and weight

2- Insulating materials

Klevers Aryana, as the exclusive representative of Klevers Germany, has the ability to supply insulation material from this company and other prominent European companies, and these materials can be provided in various thicknesses, densities and features.

Klevomat insulation blankets made of E-Glass fibers

-         Temperature tolerance from 600 ℃ to 1000 ℃

-         Negligible heat transfer

-         Needle-punched fibers with high mechanical resistance

-         Resistance to moisture and non-disintegration Can be used as sound insulation

-         Available in various thicknesses

Klevoblanket insulating blankets made of ceramic fibers

-         Very high temperature tolerance up to 1260 ℃ and 1430 ℃

-         Negligible heat transfer

-         Available in various thicknesses and densities

Insulation blankets made of mineral wool fibers

-         Temperature tolerance up to 800 ℃ Can be used as sound insulation

-         Negligible heat transfer

-         Can be presented in the form of a blanket, tube mold, etc.

3- Coated fabrics

Fiberglass fabrics with various PTFE or Silicone coatings are used to prevent the penetration of foreign substances into insulation and equipment, and Klevers Aryana Company has the ability to provide a wide variety of these fabrics from Europe.

-         Available in various weights

-         It has silicone, PTFE and...

-         It has a coating resistant to water, oil, dust, etc.

4- Resimac anti-corrosion coatings

As the exclusive representative of Resimac UK company, Klevers Aryana is active in providing corrosion protection industrial coatings and silicone, polyurethane and solvent-free epoxy composites. These coatings are used to protect, restore and strengthen the surfaces of various equipment against corrosion and temperature and improve their performance.

-         Can be used to protect surfaces against corrosion and temperature

-         The ability to execute some codes online (without the need to stop the equipment)

-         Can be implemented without the need for specialized experience