Design and Engineering

The technical and engineering department of Klevers Aryana company located in the central office and factory is a group of diligent, motivated and experienced engineers. The colleagues of this department design and 3D model the desired product after reviewing the technical drawings and taking measurements in person if necessary. and using the specialized software of Klevers Aryana company, they provide all kinds of technical reports such as thermography report, comparison of possible insulation arrangements, the amount of energy loss, savings, etc. to the respected employer.

Klevers Aryana has designed its own specialized software in cooperation with Amir Kabir University of Technology and uses this software in energy analysis, heat transfer calculations and efficiency of projects. By using this software, the performance of the designed insulation can be carefully examined and based on that, parameters such as the final temperature of the insulation surface, the amount of insulation and the heat transfer coefficient of the system can be calculated, and based on that, economic calculations such as the amount of savings in fuel consumption, the amount of energy loss before and after insulation work, the payback period, etc. are extracted.