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Klevers Aryana

Design and Engineering, Procurement, Manufacture, and Installation of Flexible Thermal Industrial Insulations and Other Industrial and Power Plant Equipment

Klevers Aryana Company has been operating since 2001 with a focus on the design and engineering, procurement, manufacture, and installation of flexible thermal industrial insulations and other industrial and power plant equipment. Today, the company is a well-known name in the country's power generation, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Klevers Aryana, with the goal of providing after-sales services to its customers, established a factory in the Hesarak Industrial Park in 2006. By transferring technical know-how in accordance with the latest global technology and insulation materials, the company has been able to provide valuable and suitable services to various industries.


Klevers Aryana provides a comprehensive range of services that will cover all your needs throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Engineering and design

Experienced engineers perform 3D design and modeling, using specialized software to calculate the energy analysis and efficiency of projects.

Manufacture and Production

The expert manufacturing and production team, using up-to-date software and CNC machines, produces high-quality and precision products from 3D models, tailored to customer requirements and using European raw materials.

Procurement and Trade

The company's commercial department, with extensive experience and a wide network of contacts, procures high-quality goods in the shortest possible time, including Klevers insulation fabrics, Resimac protective coatings, and Eternal epoxy resins.

Installation and Implementation

The company's implementation team, trained by German and Italian supervisors, is equipped with complete tools and ready to provide installation and supervision services for both domestic and international projects.

After-Sales Services

After the sale, the company's expert team conducts periodic inspections, using equipment such as thermographic cameras, to assess the quality and performance of the insulation, and provides technical reports and energy analysis.


At the Klevers Aryana R&D department, specialized and experienced personnel are actively engaged to ensure the organization stays aligned with the latest global technology, innovative design methods, and production processes, maintaining the connection between science, knowledge, and the company.
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Klevers Aryana's customers are a valuable treasure trove of the country's industrial stars.

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