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The first designer, manufacturer and executor of all kinds of thermal jacket insulation and fabric joints.

Jacket Thermal Insulation - Pillow Type

Jacket Thermal Insulation - Cladding Type

Passive Fire Protection

Expansion Joints

Klevers Aryana Company began its activity in 1380 by focusing on designing, engineering, supplying, manufacturing and installing thermal flexible industrial insulation and other industrial and power plant equipment and today it is a well-known manufacturer in power plant, oil, gas and petrochemical industries of the country. Having the purpose of providing after-sales services to its customers, this company established a factory in Hashtgerd Industrial Town in 2015, which, by transferring technical knowledge in accordance with modern technology and insulation materials, provides the possibility of providing useful and competent services to various industries.

Why Klevers Aryana?

The First Manufacturer of Cladding Insulation for Siemens V94.2 Gas Turbines in Iran

The Only Manufacturer of Passive Fire Protection Insulation in Accordance with UL 1709 Standard

Background of Manufacturing Various Types of Fabric Expansion Joints

The Exclusive Representative of Klevers GmbH for Supplying Primary Material

The Exclusive Representative of Resimac England for Supplying Anti-Corrosion Coatings