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Klevers Aryana, High-Temprature Specialist

Klevers Aryana Company has been operating since 2001, focusing on the design and engineering, supply, manufacturing, and installation of flexible thermal industrial insulation and other industrial and power plant equipment. Today, the company is a well-recognized name in the power, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries of the country.

Services and products

Specular After-Sales Services

Klevers Aryana, with the aim of providing after-sales services to its customers, established a factory in the Hashtgerd Industrial Park in 2006. By transferring technical know-how in accordance with the latest global technology and insulation materials, the company has enabled the provision of valuable and appropriate services to various industries.

High quality services
High temperature solutions
Confirmed after-sales services
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Klevers Aryana has consistently been honored and commended by various associations and institutions, which is one of the distinguishing features of this company compared to others.


Klevers Aryana is committed to providing efficient, innovative, and high-quality energy solutions with a focus on customer-centricity and exceptional employees.


The specialized teams and expert engineers of Klevers Aryana, combined with the commitment of the management and employees, have created a winning combination for providing diverse solutions.

High Tech

A completes set of Heat Resistant Solutions

The products of Klovers Ariana Company are produced using the latest European materials and by a skilled and specialized team.

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