Passive Fire Protection

PFP Insulation: Passive Fire Protection

PFP insulation is a type of jacketed insulation used to protect industrial, power plant, refinery, and other equipment from fire. In the event of a fire, these insulations prevent flames from reaching the protected equipment for up to several minutes, providing the time needed to extinguish the fire.

How PFP Insulation Works

Unlike conventional thermal insulation that prevents heat from escaping equipment, PFP insulation prevents heat and flames from reaching the equipment. These insulations utilize multiple layers of insulation and heat-reflective foils to protect equipment from Class A, B, and other types of fires.

UL 1709 Standard

Klevers Aryana’s PFP insulation complies with the UL 1709 standard. This standard evaluates the performance of fire protection materials at a temperature of ℉ 2000 (℃ 1093) for 30 minutes. Klevers Aryana’s PFP insulation has successfully passed this test and is recognized as the only Iranian manufacturer of this insulation with UL 1709 certification.

Benefits of Using PFP Insulation:

  • Protects equipment from fire
  • Increases fire suppression time
  • Prevents damage to equipment
  • Complies with UL 1709 standard
  • Manufactured with high-quality raw materials

Applications of PFP Insulation:

  • Insulating valves
  • Insulating tanks
  • Insulating pipes
  • Insulating industrial equipment
  • Insulating power plant equipment
  • Insulating refinery equipment

Klevers Aryana

Klevers Aryana is a manufacturer of various thermal and industrial insulations, including PFP insulation, using high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment. The company provides consulting, design, and implementation services to assist you in selecting and using the best insulation for your needs.

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Additional Information:

  • PFP insulation is also known as passive fire protection (PFP) insulation.
  • PFP insulation is typically made of fiberglass or rockwool insulation materials.
  • PFP insulation can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • PFP insulation is an important part of fire safety planning for industrial facilities.

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