Jacket Thermal Insulation - Cladding Type

Cladding means placing one material on another material in order to create a protective layer. In the field of insulation, cladding means covering the surface of the raw insulation material with metal sheets of different materials, such as steel or aluminum sheets. Cladding is used to create thermal protection and also to improve the appearance of equipment as well as reduce noise and can be used in combination with pillow insulation to insulate equipment.

The metal insulations of this company also have sufficient resistance to sound, and the inner surface of the metal sheets is covered with resin-based materials, which helps to improve the acoustic performance of the final insulation.

Cladding thermal insulation applications:

Klevers Aryana is the first and only manufacturer of cladding insulation for Siemens V94.2 gas turbines in Iran.

Design and production stages:

This company, being equipped with all kinds of sheet metal working, bending machines, etc., as well as having access to the best insulation material, has produced and installed two complete sets of cladding design insulation for V94.2 gas turbines and more than 10 sets are under production.

Klevers Aryana’s technical team prepares a three-dimensional model of the turbine body with accurate measurements and thermography and then provides a two-dimensional plan for cutting the sheet and insulating material, and the production process begins with the use of the factory's advanced equipment. In the meantime, by using the specialized heat transfer software of this company, which was developed with the cooperation of an expert team from the Amir Kabir University of Technology, all the thermal parameters such as surface temperature distribution, heat loss from the body before and after insulation, heat transfer coefficient They examine the surface, the table of energy and fuel loss, and then by designing the optimal insulation arrangement, they examine the final insulation performance and provide detailed reports about the amount of energy consumption savings and increasing the efficiency of the system.