Passive Fire Protection

These insulations are a type of jacket insulation that are used in various industrial equipment, power plants, refineries, etc. These insulators can be used to protect equipment such as valves, tanks, pipes, etc. against fire; In such a way that in case of a fire, it is possible to prevent the flame from reaching the desired equipment for a few minutes and take the necessary measures to control the fire. In other words, it can be said that the purpose of using these insulations is exactly the opposite of cushion thermal insulations; In this way, thermal insulators prevent heat from escaping from the equipment to the outside, while in PFP insulation, the goal is that high temperature and fire and flame do not hinder the performance of the equipment and do not damage it.

These insulators protect the equipment against fires such as class A, B, etc., and due to the presence of a high number of insulating layers and heat reflective foils, they are a suitable choice for this purpose.

Next, it should be mentioned that there is a standard called UL 1709, according to which the performance of fire protection material in a furnace is measured up to a temperature of 2000 ℉ (1093 ℃). As a result of passing this test, it is confirmed that the material under test can withstand a temperature of 2000 ℉ for 30 minutes and maintains its structural integrity. The UL1709 standard has been tested on PFP insulation produced by Klevers Aryana and this company is proud to announce that it is the only producer in Iran that produces PFP insulation with a successful result of the UL 1709 standard test.