Fire Proof / Thermal Jacket Valve insulation

Valves and faucets are important and essential parts of large equipment. Especially, flow control valves and emergency shutdown valves are very important for maintenance. According to the purpose of valve insulation, suitable insulation material, and fabrics are selected and according to the plan and dimensions of the valve, the final jacket insulation is produced.

According to the use of valves and flanges and according to the need for periodic visits and service and maintenance of this equipment, their insulations need to be opened and closed at each visit. Therefore, it is possible to use an insulation jacket that can be opened and closed.

Another important reason for insulating valves is to protect them from fire. In the event of a fire, there is a concern about damaging the equipment. Especially in the case of flow control valves and emergency shut-down valves, it is very important to protect this equipment from fighting the fire, so fire protection insulations are designed for these valves and this opportunity is given to the employees to take action, control the fire and do not cause serious damage.